Couples/Marriage Counseling

You have searched high and low and you found your special person.  The one person you want to share your life with.  The honeymoon stage is over and now you are left with how do we always stay together as a couple and as a team?

Unsurprisingly, life happens and we don’t feel like we once did, where your partner always had your back.  If you have noticed changes in your relationship and want to find how to work as a team again, counseling can be a great resource. With the right mind set, dedication and willingness for slight changes your relationship can develop into a brand new desirable connection. 

Here are some reasons you may seek out couples counseling:

  • Healthy Couple Skill-building

  • Ineffective communication

  • Never feel like your feelings are being validated

  • Constant arguing

  • Never feel like you are being listened to

  • Marital conflict

  • Can’t seem to feel connected to your partner

  • Can’t agree on anything

  • Finding you have different ways of parenting

  • Adjusting to parent-hood

  • Can’t seem to resolve any conflict/fight

  • Want to grow your relationship to the next level

  • Family and in-law struggles

  • Want to feel loved again

  • Want to feel validated

  • A partner is dealing with an addiction with drugs/alcohol

  • Dealing with affairs

  • Pre-Marital Counseling

  • Empty-nest syndrome

  • Thinking or in the process of divorce

JHC Therapy - Inspiring Image
JHC Therapy - Inspiring Image
JHC Therapy - Inspiring Image

If you can relate to any of these please give me a call for a free 15 minute consultation.  954-947-1340

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