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JHC Therapy offers a place to find yourself,
a place to be heard and a place for change.

Have you or someone you know been feeling sad, overwhelmed, or anxious?

Feeling like things are just not going the way you want them to go?

Have you and your partner been struggling with daily life stressors?

Do you feel like you keep having the same argument over and over again with your partner or loved ones?

Has parenting completely overwhelmed you and your partner? 

Does life seem to be really hard right now because of a variety of events that have occurred

Is adulting causing too much stress?

I have seen many clients with a variety of issues such as daily life struggles, anxiety, depression, relationship/marriage issues, substance use issues, young-adult challenges, family issues and men & women's issues.  I am here to listen, care and support you in developing who you are, who you want to be and how you will get there.  I offer a safe and comfortable platform where you can grab a box of tissues if you need and release all of your feelings so that you can start to achieve your goals.

I offer flexible hours for therapy and offer online/telehealth sessions.  Because I work when you don't. 

In order to discuss what you might need and how therapy can help, please contact Judy.  I offer online sessions which allows you to be in the comfort of your own space and flexibility in your schedule


Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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