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Anxiety Therapy

When life always feels overwhelming or you worry often, I can help you with your thinking patterns that may have led to the anxiety and also will help you learn how to manage, decrease and cope with anxiety.

Depression Therapy

Depression may affect your mood, your ability to function daily, your memory, and your physical well-being.    During therapy, we can start to understand how depressions affects you and how to get on a more positive routine by creating positive coping skills.

Couples/Marital Therapy

Relationships can struggle for a variety of issues such as lack of trust, respect, acknowledgement, constant conflict, not ever being on the same page or feeling like roommates.   Together, we can start to rebuild the connection, communication, trust and reestablish respect for each other.

Substance use Therapy

Struggling with drugs or alcohol can be challenging on your own. Has substance use interfered with work, family, friends, relationships and the life you want?  Therapy can help by helping you sort through past trauma, past feelings, current stress and allow you to navigate a healthier version of you.

Counseling for young adults

Are you between the ages of 18-25 and having a hard time with adulting, setting up boundaries, lack of coping skills for the real word?  Therapy can help build structure, routine, help identify reasons why you may have struggled in the past and allow young adults to successfully transition into adulthood.

Women's Issues Therapy

So much pressure has been put on women to find the exact perfect balance on everything.  Has the stress and the perfection gotten too much?  Therapy can help you work on positive coping skills, allow you a place to be heard and help with any other mental health issue.

Men's Issues Therapy

Our culture has often overlooked men’s feelings and emotions and have often encouraged to hide or suppress them.  Therapy can help work through those feelings, emotions and any other mental health issue you may be to dealing with.

Family Therapy

Families are complicated. Families can grow and change.  Families should be able to love, respect, acknowledge each other through life obstacles, life’s hardships and life’s success.  Therapy can help develop and nurture the change that has or will occur.

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