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Men's Mental Health Issues 

Men have feelings and emotions too!

Are you a guy who was taught that they

have to "man up?"

Are you a guy who was taught that crying

was for girls?

Are you a guy struggling with a current

intimate relationship?

Are you a guy who has hard time sharing your feelings including your needs and wants?

Do you have past trauma that has started to affect your current life?

Does someone in your family suffer from mental health illnesses? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to get help.  Over the past 14 years of being a therapist I probably have seen more men than women, even though statistics show that men reach out less for help.   There have been some days that I only see men for therapy.  Having seen so many men as clients I do feel that I have experience is a variety of men's issues.  

Statistics on Mental health in Men 

According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the number of men who reach out for mental health services is dramatically lower than women.  With that being said, "the suicide rate for men is four times higher than it is for women."  There are many reasons why more men are having suicidal thoughts or actually commit suicide.  Also, men are more likely to abuse alcohol and die from overdosing on prescription opioids.

The STIGMA surrounding men and therapy

Life can be challenging whether you are a man or woman but

men will face other challenges and obstacles that in the past they had to deal with on their own.  

Are you the type of guy to just cover up their emotions and don't want to burden anyone?  If you have been like that, do you feel like you are more irritable? Less patient with normal stress. As a family man, do you feel pressure about providing and protecting for your family?  Are you hating your job but feel like you can't do anything about it because of the burden it would cause on your family or that you couldn't provide for them?

Struggles with Fatherhood

Children bring joy to families but most men do not get the same treatment like mothers do. 

Fathers do not get to experience the same joy especially in the newborn stage because they

aren't able to receive the same time off.  Most men do not get paternity leave.  (Some

corporation are providing paternity leave that has resulted in happier employees and fathers who become more efficient and grateful for their company).  Money problems and stress from that can be challenging and fathers tend not to communicate their stress to their partner.  We go back to the beginning where communication with your partner is extremely important especially in any intimate relationship.  

Sleep deprivation is of course a struggle as well.  Couples may choose to have fathers get up at night but not having quality of sleep can increase mental, physical and emotional issues.

What does it mean to be masculine?             

Words that come to mind when you hear the word masculine could be strong, bold, manly, macho, muscular, sport lover, sports player and the list goes on.  It doesn't mean that if you are or aren't all of  these things that you aren't masculine enough, but have you felt that you had live up to these words and sometimes the pressure it just too much.  Has there been times you want to feel vulnerable and just can't because society has said no  Therapy could help you find your voice, your emotions and feel the feelings you could have always wanted to feel. 

What makes Judy different?

My male clients have shared that I understand their challenges more than friends and families.  They have shared that it's easy to feel comfortable with me because I create an environment that is safe, a no judgement zone and I can make them feel heard and acknowledged. I am also here to help guide you in the direction you want to go.

Is therapy expensive?

Therapy is an investment on yourself.  If you have health insurance most plans covers mental health services.  Check my Rates page to see if I take your insurance or if self pay is an option for you.

Take the Next Step

Are we a good fit?  Want to get help soon?  Judy offers online therapy in the State of Florida.

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