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Women's Mental Health Issues

Feelings, emotions, and being overwhelmed?

Has a recent event affected your mood? 

Are you ready to heal from a past trauma?

Have you struggled with creating boundaries? 

Are you a mom who just feels completely overwhelmed?

Have you struggled with finding happiness within your relationship

Does social media affect your mood?  

Have you experienced loneliness even though you have friends and family around you?

Does your family have a history of mental health issues?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to seek therapy at this time.  Judy offers a non-judgmental approach and offers online/telehealth sessions.  It fits all busy schedules.  It's time to make you a priority in your life. 

Mental health in Women

According to National Institute of Mental Health the prevalence of a major depressive episode was higher among adult females (10.5%) compared to males (6.2%).  Also, there is a lot of research happening regarding hormonal changes in women's bodies that could attribute to higher mental health issues.  Due to biological, environmental and psychosocial factors women experience more mental health issues than men.   Women are more likely to become a victim of abuse (physical, emotional and psychological.)  Women who survive abuse are more likely to develop depression, anxiety and Posttraumatic stress. 

Self-esteem and your mental health

As a little girl were you taught to love yourself just the way you were? Or did people around you tell you needed to be prettier, smarter, compared to a sibling, more lady like or more princess like.  Did your parents tend to tell you you were a girl and that you just needed to find a rich man to take care of you? Did you fit the ideal image of being a lady?


Our childhood can affect our inner voice.  Telling yourself that you are enough is something that I can't seem to preach enough of to all my clients.  Having a better sense of who you are and accepting yourself can increase your self-esteem which then boots all aspects of your overall mental health.  


I hope no one told you that motherhood would be easy.  If you are a mother you do know that motherhood hasn't come without its challenges.  It might have even started with unplanned pregnancy, infertility issues, post partum issues and/or child development issues or other concerns relating to your child.   


If you have never been to therapy, therapy can be relaxing, therapy can be 1 hour of peace, therapy can be a time just for you.  It can be a place of comfort, a place of reassurance, and a place to be not just a mom but you!

Relationships can be challenging

Women struggle with finding non-toxic relationships often.   Why do we feel so comfortable in toxic relationships?  Were they good for awhile and then it suddenly got toxic?  Did you know the warning signs?  During therapy we can explore all of that. Therapy can be a place and a time to heal from all wounds.   Have you or your partner thrown out the word divorce?  Have you said out of anger "I can't do this anymore.  I want a divorce.  I can do this myself."  You might mean it or you might just need to process all of the feelings you are dealing with and see your challenges with a clear head instead of a foggy one.

Can therapy heal my trauma and wounds?

Are you ready to heal your wounds?  Are you ready to take control over yourself, your feelings, your emotions and your trauma?  It's not about if therapy can do that, of course therapy can, it just has to be the right time for you.  Many women come to therapy and they just aren't ready.  They aren't ready to process feelings, to maybe let go and to accept.  

I am here to provide a warm, compassionate space and acknowledge your feelings, your hurt, and get you on a path that you want to be on. 

Is therapy expensive?

Therapy is an investment on yourself.  If you have health insurance most plans covers mental health services.  Check my Rates page to see if I take your insurance or if self pay is an option for you.

Take the Next Step

If you are seeking a place were you could develop a healthier version of you than you have come to the right person.  Want to get help soon?

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