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Family Counseling

Is family counseling worth a try?

Do you feel like you being a referee to your family? 

Are going through a divorce and your children are struggling accepting it?

Do you have children who aren't getting along with each other?

Has your family suffered from a traumatic life event?


Has your family recently suffered a loss?

Has someone recently been diagnosed with a physical, mental or emotional disability?

Has there been additional family members who have moved in?

If you answered yes to any these questions, it may be time to get help for you and your family.  Help can come in all forms including family therapy.  Judy offers a non-judgmental approach and online telehealth sessions. 

Often times families deal with problems on their own but sometimes families start to fall apart and need some guidance, some outside help and that is where therapy can benefit families. 

Understand any mental health challenges in a family

Has someone in your family recently been dealing with a mental health issue that has affect the whole home?  It could be yourself as a parent or maybe one of your children have recently been diagnosed.  Mental health is challenging to navigate on your own.  When someone has been affected it doesn't just affect them personally but also their loved ones.  During therapy we can process the feelings, emotions, the heart break and the challenges that have occurred or that will occur in the future and how to handle life now.

Benefits of family therapy

Improving any forms of communication is definitely a benefit of family therapy.  

Families can communicate in 5 different ways:

  • Verbal

  • Non-Verbal  

  • Visual

  • Written

  • Listening

If we could just improve on one of these ways of communicating there might be change that happens that would satisfy everyone. 

Another benefit of family therapy is creating a better functioning home environment.  Does your family need more structured routines? Less structure? More spontaneity? Less chaos?  Having a foundation and building on that is another benefit of family therapy. 

Goals of therapy

Goals of therapy can include developing and maintaining healthy boundaries.  It can also include conflict resolution skills and a better understanding of each family member. 

Is therapy expensive?

Therapy is an investment.  If you have health insurance most plans cover mental health services.  Check my Rates page to see if I take your insurance or if self pay is an option for you.

Take the Next Step

If you think that you and your family could strengthen their bond, build each other's self-esteem and learn how to understand each other it might be time for therapy.  If you want help soon contact me.  Judy offers online therapy in the State of Florida.

JHC Therapy - Inspiring Image
JHC Therapy - Inspiring Image
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