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Qualified Supervision for Mental health &
Marriage/Family Interns:

Judy is a Florida approved Mental Health Registered Intern (MHRI) and Marriage & Family Registered Intern (MFTRI) supervisor in Davie, FL.  Judy has completed formal graduate coursework and post-graduate training on effective clinical supervision, with regular freshening of her supervisory skills via trainings.

Her approach toward providing support and guidance as a MHC & MFT Registered Intern Supervisor is based on a variety of different theories. Her work considers the supervisor-supervisee relationship in a developmental perspective -with the ultimate goal of colleague development.

While many trainees are interested in free supervision, often they receive inappropriately low, insufficient guidance that threatens their future and their supervisor's current license. 

As an intern in the state of Florida you are required to complete 1500 client contact hours under the supervision of a Qualified Supervisor in no less than 100 weeks.  You must have at least 1 hour of supervision every 2 weeks and at least 50% of your supervision must be individual or pairs supervision.  Registered Interns must complete the licensure process within 5 years of registering.

Judy charges affordable supervision fees that come with flexible meeting times including early morning, daytime, evening and weekend time slots. 

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