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Depression Counseling

Depression therapy can help you manage your life.   

Has the worlds most current events made you feel sad?

Do you feel sadness more often than not?

Have you been feeling a sense of emptiness?

Have you recently had a baby and are experiencing post-partum symptoms?

Has Covid-19 affected you mentally? Physically? Emotionally?


Do you struggle with getting out of bed? Doing daily hygiene activities?

Do you just not feel joy or happiness? (even when doing activities that once brought you joy & happiness)

Have your depressive symptoms affected your job, your school, your personal life, your social life?

Does your family have a history of depression or other mental health issues?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to get help for your depressive symptoms.  Help can come in all forms including therapy.  Judy offers online telehealth sessions.

Do you have feel like you are all alone when it comes to depression?

Major depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States.  According to National Institute of Mental health an estimated of 21 million adults in the US had at least 1 major depressive episode.  Luckily 66% of adults with a major depressive episode received treatment.   

Depression like anxiety, and any other mental health issue can affect anyone no matter their race, gender, ethnicity or their socio-economic status.

Depression therapy can help restore the life you deserve

When you are constantly feeling sad, drained, low energy, irritable and unmotivated to do daily activities, it could be time for you to get help.  Don't waste time on not getting the help you want and need.  I provide a comfortable space for you to be free and share all your thoughts and feelings.  I help develop skills to get you in a better place using a variety of techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy & Narrative Therapy. 

What to expect during therapy? 

During our initial session, I will ask you a variety of generic questions along with some more in depth questions.   Depression affects everyone so differently.  Your depression could have started after a recent traumatic event or maybe a past trauma that was recently triggered.

Therapy can help you find peace, comfort, a time for you to express yourself and be able to move forward with your life in a more positive fashion.

I am here to try to help you understand yourself better and how to deal with the thing we all call LIFE.

Is therapy expensive?

Therapy is an investment on yourself.  If you have health insurance most plans covers mental health services.  Check my Rates page to see if I take your insurance or if self pay is an option for you.

Take the Next Step

Are you interested in reaching out to get your life back on tract and think we are a good fit?  Depression therapy can help.  Want to get help soon?  Judy offers flexible online therapy in the State of Florida.

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